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Precious Memories
we can preserve your ashes, breastmilk and hair in any of our items including jewellery
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About us

Made by Mannie started as a lockdown project in May 2020, a few months later After handing my notice in at my full time ‘real’ job to look after my two beautiful children I needed something that made me feel like me! I wanted to share what I have always loved doing and allow others to enjoy it too! By working from home I can keep costs low and the price of my product down. I believe people should be able to buy an item for themselves or for others at a reasonable price and not pay over the odds just so someone can make huge profits. 

I create bespoke resin pieces including trinkets, homewares and jewellery. I also preserve flowers, ashes, hair and breast milk which can be added to any of our pieces, helping preserve those precious memories forever. I hope you can find that little treasure that brings a smile to your face every time you see it, or even better a smile to the loved one when you surprise them with a handmade gift.